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I came to Dr. Swasdi not being able to see anything more than 6 inches infront of me without the aid of my eyeglasses. Prior to my visit to
Thailand, I had consulted with two renowned Lasik centers in America but they said due to my high prescription, I was not a good candidate. Discouraged, I sought the help of Dr. Swasdi. After my consultations with Dr. Swasdi, he said he was confident that I could successfully correct my vision with the Lasik procedure. After undergoing Lasik surgery under his care, now I can see 20/20! More importantly, I can now play golf for the first time without contacts. Dr. Swasdi is an excellent doctor, a caring individual, and a true expert in his field. I am very happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Swasdi for fixing my eyes!

Ms Aree Song LPGA Tour golfer

I did my lasik surgery at Thai eye center. I am very happy now, I can see so good Dr. Swasdi and his staff are nice and very caring. I wish all of you happiness, love and peace.

Christy from Latvia

I came from California to have cataract surgery and lens implant at Thai Eye Center because I am confident in same high quality of treatment as in US, skilled doctors, but at lower cost.

Sup Sujarit Chino Hills, California.

New Eyes For Old
I'm sitting at my computer in Bangkok today. Two days ago I had my eyes'lens replaced. And last night I read a menu at the local restaurant that Cassie couldn't read.
I'm excited. Very excited.

Cassie found the Thai Eye Clinic on the Net. I had my tests one day in the space of 30 minutes, the next day I was in theatre, and the next day I returned for the operation on my second eye. I had my tests one day in the space of 30 minutes, the next day I was in theatre, and the next day I returned for the operation on my second eye. The process involves cutting a small hole in the side of the eye about the size of a ballpoint pen.
Through this hole the specialist inserts a tube to DISSOLVE my old natural lens, and then inserts a new manufactured, optically correct, UV light stabilized acrylic lens. And here's the most amazing part; as long as your astigmatism isn't seriously advanced, (mine wasn't) you can have a multifocal lens. For those of you unfamiliar with the advantages of multifocal glasses, allow me to explain. A multifocal lens has different (but graduated) areas with different optics to cater for shortcomings in both your long and short sightedness

The big difference you need to get used to in Thai medicine is the service. It's fantastic! The Thai people are naturally gentle and considerate so a health services industry in Thailand is a match made in Heaven. You would simply not believe the efficiency, the courtesy and the care givenApart from a bout of primal terror causing me to grip the operating table like a liferaft from the Titanic , there was NO pain, and the operation was over in half an hour. Sight was fuzzy for a day, but here I am, reading, seeing, enjoying, taking long, long looks at my beautiful partner... thank vyou Thailand!

Ian B Hamilton Norway

Thank you doctor for doing cataract and lens implant on both eyes for me. I can see well now.

Haakon Myklebust Norway

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